ARS Workshop Partner Members

The following organizations are Partner Members of ARS, and offer events of interest to recorder players.

Amherst Early MusicAmherst Early Music, Inc.

Marilyn Boenau, Executive Director
Amherst Early Music is the largest presenter of Early Music workshops in North America. Learning opportunities abound for amateur and pre-professional students to study with leading musicians in the field of Early Music. The Amherst Early Music Festival takes place every year in the month of July in two one-week segments.


Boston Early Music Festival

Kathleen Fay, Executive Director
Nina Stern, Director of Community Engagement

The Boston Early Music Festival presents an annual concert series, biennial week-long Festival, and national and international tours. A new initiative will feature workshops for young instrumentalists, starting with recorders! Featured recorder artists have included Erik Bosgraaf, Cléa Galhano, Paul Leenhouts, Kathryn Montoya, Stefan Temmingh, Han Tol, the Flanders Recorder Consort, and Boreas Quartett Bremen. The next Festival, themed A Celebration of Women, takes place June 4-11, 2023. Details can be found at One event of special interest to recorder players is here:, as well as the Recorder Relay on June 9, 2023 from 10am to 2pm at Old South Church. 

Country Song and Dance Society (CDSS)

Steve Howe, Director of Camp Programs, Early Music Week at Pinewoods

One of the oldest folk organizations in the United States, CDSS is an education and arts service nonprofit for dancers, musicians, singers, callers, and organizers. CDSS specializes in the dances, music, and songs from English and North American traditions.  Every year in August, they present the CDSS Early Music Week at Pinewoods in Plymouth, MA. Early Music Week offers joyful opportunities and challenges to players, singers and dancers of every level, from beginners to the highly experienced.


Hidden Valley Music Seminars

Peter Meckel

Hidden Valley Music Seminars was born out of a deep concern for the development of extraordinarily talented young artists.  Programs in the fields of music, theatre, opera and dance have occupied most of the time and energies of the staff and faculty since its inception in 1963.  It is located in Carmel Valley: a rustic, ten-acre site nestled in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range.  Road Scholar Early Music classes are offered for recorders and viols.


Mideast WorkshopMideast Workshop
An opportunity for early music enthusiasts to work with an outstanding faculty and students of all levels. The week includes technique classes at all levels (except novice); large and small ensembles; your choice of classes on various early music topics; English Country Dance.  Begin a new instrument and/or improve current skills. All facilities are air-conditioned, with comfortable accommodations located on a small college campus. 


Mountain Collegium

Jody Miller, Director

Mountain Collegium, a weeklong workshop of early and folk music and dance, is held every summer at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC. The workshop is structured around daily classes with evenings given over to country dancing, a faculty concert, and the “Big Blow and Bow,” as it is now known, when all participants and faculty gather to read and perform larger works.

Mountain Collegium's 
Bloom Early Music Workshop

Contact Name: Susan Schwartz

Now under the leadership of Mountain Collegium!

This weekend retreat near the Pennsylvania Poconos brings together early musicians who sing or play recorder or viol (and other instruments, too!) each year.  With a warm and inviting atmosphere, this workshop offers a good bit of time for impromptu playing sessions to complement the top-notch instruction. 


Port Townsend Early Music Workshop

Jo Baim, Administrative Director

The Seattle Recorder Society’s Port Townsend Early Music Workshop at the University of Puget Sound offers an opportunity for players of recorder, viol, and historical winds to study and play music of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque, and the 20th-21st centuries.  The Port Townsend Early Music Workshop is held every other year, in odd-numbered years.


San Francisco Early Music SocietySFEMS Workshops

Derek Tam, Executive Director

This year, SFEMS workshops will be consolidated into three months of online classes from mid-May through early August. The Baroque, Medieval/Renaissance, Classical, and Recorder Workshops will all offer classes in play-along formats, as well as some lecture topics in musicology from our world-renowned faculty. Discounts/scholarships available. For our Music Discovery Workshop and Youth Collegium, Yuko Tanaka, director, check website for updates.
SFEMS also sponsors the Berkeley Festival and Exhibition every other year, with world-class performances and a large exhibit hall with many vendors offering instruments, music and more. 


Texas TootTexas Toot

Daniel Johnson, Workshop Director
The Texas Toot is a Texas-based non-profit devoted to early music education and performance, presenting two workshops each year. The Fall Texas Toot is a short weekend workshop with instruction in recorders, viols, early reeds, harp, lute, voice, and more. The Summer Texas Toot offers a one-week program of classes at all levels, focusing on Renaissance and Baroque music, but with offerings for Medieval and 21st century enthusiasts as well. Expert instructors in recorder, viol, early reeds, lute, harp, and voice will tend to young professionals, seasoned amateurs, and eager beginners with equal care. The Toot also sponsors or supports other events, including the Renaissance Polyphony Weekend.


Whitewater Early Music FestivalWhitewater Early Music Festival

Pamela J. Wiese, Director
Whitewater is a weekend of playing Early Instruments in south central Wisconsin.  Classes for recorders of all levels, voice and viola de gamba. Krumhorns, bagpipes and sackbuts are welcome too.