Chapter/Consort/Recorder Orchestra Rep FAQs


CCRO = Chapter, Consort, or Recorder Orchestra

Can I update my CCRO’s member profile on the ARS website? 
Yes! Each CCRO has its own member profile, just as each individual member has their own profile. If you don’t have the username and email associated with the CCRO's account, email the ARS office at for the info. Need help logging in? Here is a page that might help

Can I get a list of the members in my CCRO?
Yes!  Be sure to be logged in (as either yourself or the group). Under the Our Community menu, choose Member Directory. At the bottom of the page you will see a dropdown list of CCROs. Pick your group’s name and click Search, and voila, you will have a list of your members. These are generally updated by members themselves, or they may have never logged in to update their info.  Please let the office know who to add and subtract from your group’s list.

Can I use my personal email for the CCRO?
ARS doesn't encourage it, for a few reasons:
  • A password reset cannot be accomplished as easily because each member is identified by their email address, so the system doesn't know which email address to send the new password to. 
  • Our database also uses email addresses to identify who is making any billing transaction. Therefore the system will be confused by not knowing on which account to record the payment.
  • It’s more professional to use something like anytownchapter@ than ilovecats@
  • Finally, any new chapter rep will be able to use the chapter email and look up anything historical or relevant in email threads.

If I drop my membership, will the CCRO lose its membership?
Yes, eventually. If we email you directly asking you to renew and you don’t, then the group will be dropped. Reps need to designate a replacement if they leave ARS.

Do you have more questions? Send them to Administrative Director Susan Burns.