Compose for ARS


Are you a composer, interested in composing recorder music for the American Recorder Society?

For information on composing and submitting music for the New Music Library, click HERE.  The New Music Library includes original compositions for recorder, or recorder with other instruments. Submissions are reviewed by Glen Shannon. Compositions are available to ARS members for download from the website.

For information on composing and submitting music for the Members' Library Editions, click HERE.  The ARS publishes a Members' Library Edition three times a year, distributed to all members along with American Recorder Magazine.  Compositions are reviewed and selected by MLE editor Glen Shannon. An honorarium is available.

For information on composing and/or submitting music for the ARS Recorder Orchestra Library, click HERE. Recorder Orchestra music typically encompasses a range of recorders from sopranino through contrabass, with at least six parts. Submissions are reviewed by ARS and available to ARS members for download from the website.

If you are interested in composing music for Play the Recorder Month, please contact the ARS office:  Play the Recorder Month is observed annually in March, and one composition is selected each year to be published in American Recorder Magazine and distributed to all members.

Our Play-alongs for Recorder Library includes compositions from any era for which a performer has recorded and combined multiple sound tracks which allow a recorder player to play along, filling in a missing part. Actual performances (versus synthesized tracks) are preferred.  If interested, please contact the ARS office:

The Arrangements and Transcriptions Library includes recorder-specific versions of original compositions that are not protected by copyright. There are other free online sources for music of this type, including IMSLP and CPDL, so the ARS is not actively soliciting music for this library.  If you are an arranger whose work is not published elsewhere and you would like to make your work available to ARS members, you may submit pieces using this form.

Compositions may appear in multiple libraries.

Note that the American Recorder Society will not post arrangements of music in violation of copyright in any of our libraries.