You might like gathering with friends in a small ensemble and experience the intimacy and challenge of playing one-on-a-part, or you may already be playing in such a group. Your group may be casual, and welcome visitors, or you may have defined membership and rehearse for performances.

Whether you meet informally or perform regularly, the ARS supports your mission, and invites your Consort to become a member of the ARS community.  Your consort can apply for ARS membership using the link at left. Your consort will be listed on the ARS website, and if your group is open to anyone, newcomers or travelers through your area could contact you to ask if you'd allow them to sit in for a session. Consorts, unlike chapters, can be closed groups if you prefer to use an audition process for members. You may advertise your consort as affiliated with ARS.

Share your Consort news with others and find out what other Consorts are doing by clicking the link at left.  Let us know of your outreach projects and/or upcoming performances. What has your Consort been up to? Enjoyable pieces?  Interesting performances? New members? Tips you would like to share? What are the plans for your consort in the coming months? We would like to know!  Use the link at left to send us your Consort News.

Pictured: Imperial Recorder Consort, Lakeland, FL