Extended Recorder Techniques


"Extended technique" is a term used in music to describe unconventional, unorthodox or "improper" techniques of singing, or of playing musical instruments. Here are some videos to explain common extended techniques on the recorder. Many of these are used in early music as well as modern music.

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Extended Techniques - Part 1. Manipulation of the Air by Jody Miller
By using faster or slower air, recorder players can change the pitch of notes.  In this video, the player is encouraged to experiment with the extremities of volume (and breath support) to achieve some of the effects required in contemporary music.

Extended Techniques - Part 2. Grace Notes by Jody Miller

During the Baroque period, appoggiaturas were ornamental quick notes played before the main note.  In this video, Jody explains the difference between appoggiaturas and grace notes, the contemporary equivalent, while explaining how to achieve the best results.

Extended Techniques - Part 3. Vibrato by Jody Miller

Vibrato is frequently required in modern compositions. Jody explains some of the different methods for producing vibrato, as each has its own “flavor.”  For more, see Michael Lynn’s Technique Tips video “Introduction to Flattement.”

Extended Techniques - Part 4. Bell-covered Notes by Jody Miller

The end of the recorder must be closed or slightly obstructed in order to produce some of the higher notes of the recorder, as well as to achieve some special effects.  Jody gives a practical approach for covering the bell opening without hurting your teeth, gums, or lips.

Extended Techniques - Part 5. Glissando by Jody Miller

The glissando is a continuous sliding sound between two notes.  While easier on a string instrument or trombone, there are some tricks for producing a smooth glissando on the recorder, too.  Jody gives some practical hints in gaining control of the crucial finger movements required.


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