Form a Consort

Consort Formation and Functioning

Groups of at least three ARS members not wishing to recruit or to operate publicly, or wishing to be selective about whom they accept, can still have ARS status as Consorts.

Consorts may accept new members, but are not required to do so and may reject applicants if they wish.

Benefits of Being an ARS Consort 
  1. Assistance from the ARS Chapters, Consorts, and Recorder Orchestras Committee
  2. Regular communications from both the ARS office and the Chapters, Consorts, and Recorder Orchestras Committee, including Play-the-Recorder-Month material
  3. Promotion of your group through public listing in the ARS Consorts Directory
  4. Access to ARS Calendar for posting your events and activities
  5. Easy sharing of your consort news items, photos, or videos

Steps to form an ARS Consort

Meet with those interested in forming a consort, and record their names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

Choose a name for the consort and elect a Representative to the ARS. Only one Representative is needed. All ARS consorts, no matter how informal, must have an active and responsible Representative as liaison for two-way communication between the group and the ARS. He or she must be an ARS member in good standing.

Click here to submit Consort Application online

Download the Consort Application form in Word
Complete individual applications for ARS membership and attach payments for those who are not currently ARS members. Click here for an individual membership application.

The Representative should submit the Application for Group Status to the ARS office communicating the following information about the new consort:
  • a list of members
  • the consort's name
  • the consort's plans and resources
  • new ARS members' applications with payments should be attached if not already completed online

Group status and benefits will be determined based on information submitted on the application. 

The ARS encourages members to renew directly on their own, indicating their consort affiliation.

There is no charge for consort affiliation with the American Recorder Society.

Click here for the Online Consort Handbook.