Is Your Group a Recorder Orchestra?

To qualify as a Recorder Orchestra your group needs to meet these criteria:
  • Your group must have at least 10 permanent recorder positions;
  • Groups with 10 to 15 total members must have at least 3 ARS members, for groups with 16 members or more, at least 20 percent must be ARS members;
  • Your group must have at least five recorder voices (any five out of Sopranino, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass, Great Bass, Contrabass, Sub-Great Bass, Sub-Contrabass) playing on a regular basis;
  • Your group must rehearse on a regular basis;
  • Your group must refer to itself as a recorder orchestra, and not as some other kind of ensemble.  

More information is provided on the application.  Unlike Chapters, Recorder Orchestras are not required to accept new members.

Benefits of Being an ARS Recorder Orchestra

1. Assistance and regular communications from the ARS office and the ARS Chapters, Consorts, and Recorder Orchestras Committee,

2. Promotion of your group through public listing in the ARS Recorder Orchestra Directory.

4. Access to ARS Calendar for posting your events and activities,

5. ARS Recorder Orchestra Blog supported on ARS website,

6. Easy sharing of your recorder orchestra news items, photos, or videos.

Click here to submit a Recorder Orchestra application online.

Download a Recorder Orchestra application form in Word.

Download an individual membership application form.