Low Cost Instrument Insurance

Clarion Associates, Incorporated

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Clarion Associates Incorporated is pleased to offer a discount to all American Recorder Society members…
Outstanding, low-cost, all risk insurance coverage for musical instruments

Just click  www.clarionins.com
Email clarion@clarionins.com

or call 1-800-VIVALDI (1-800-848-2534) right away!
  •  24 Hour online claims
  • Adjust your account online anytime @ www.clarionins.com
  • WORLDWIDE COVERAGE Covers you wherever your gig is worldwide (for US residents only)
  • RENTED/BORROWED INSTRUMENT COVERAGE - 30 days of free insurance coverage for a rented or borrowed instrument while yours is being repaired due to a covered loss
  • CLARION WILL COVER the difference in the instrument value before a loss compared with the value of the instrument after the loss, if there is any difference, up to the dollar amount the instrument is insured for
  • THE RIGHT to keep any undamaged parts
  • THE RIGHT to repurchase recovered instruments at claim value
  • NO DEDUCTIBLE  Policies Available (in most circumstances) 
Did you know that teaching without liability Insurance doesn't have to be!
Most Homeowners and renters policies do not cover liability or property damage due to business activities. Clarion offers insurance to protect you against lawsuits at home or away arising out of your home-based tutoring business.

Clarion also offers Event Liability Insurance
Your own Event Liability Policy can provide protection by assuming the risk of legal claims brought by an injured Person. Clarion covers many types of events, such as Concerts, Recitals and much more.