2020 ARS Board Election Underway

The Nominating Task Force has found seven wonderful candidates for the ARS Board 2020 election. The ballot has been mailed with the Spring 2020 American Recorder magazine to Standard members, along with a return envelope. It is also being mailed separately to Electronic members so they can also participate; Missouri law (where ARS is incorporated) does not yet allow for electronic voting.

Please select five (5) candidates and mail your ballot back to the ARS office at PO Box 480054, Charlotte NC 28269. Some guidelines:
  • Only one vote per membership.
  • No photocopies of the ballot are allowed.
  • Your return address must be on the envelope or on the ballot.
  • Make sure your ballot is postmarked by June 1, 2020.
  • Since we do not open the envelopes until after June 1, please DO NOT mail your membership renewal dues.
Thank you for participating in this important process. Your vote is important!