ARS Diversity Committee Formation Announced

Announcement of Diversity Committee Formation
The American Recorder Society (ARS) is thrilled to announce the formation of a diversity committee. As stated on our website:
The ARS has an overarching goal: to build a strong, vital and inclusive community of recorder players with membership from many different ethnic, socio-economic, racial, and educational backgrounds. We support an inclusive environment, denounce racism and are proud to welcome everyone to our membership, as well as to all our affiliated groups. We pledge to create and maintain an environment where each member feels embraced as an integral part of the blended music that we all make together as a community. 
In keeping with this statement, the diversity committee has established a 3-point short term mission:
  • Ensure that ARS and its chapters are welcoming to a racially and ethnically diverse membership.  
  • Increase the diversity of current ARS membership
  • Increase the diversity of the Board of Directors
The committee is currently developing action plans on each of these points.
The committee is composed of two current board directors, four non-director ARS members and the ARS administrative director. The directors are David Podeschi, Board President and Wendy Powers, Board Treasurer. The non-directors are Barabara Sayas of Spokane WA; Natalie Lebert, President of the New York Recorder Guild; Marian Gold of the Portland OR Recorder Society and Jan Elliot of Woods Hole MA. The ARS Administrative Director is Susan Burns. If you are interested in joining this effort contact Susan at