ARS Membership Structure Changing on Sept 1, 2023

In order to simplify the membership levels ARS offers, some changes are planned for September 1, along with the small rate increase ($5 for most members).

Over the years, ARS has added a comprehensive array of various member types. To simplify the process of joining ARS and renewing, there will be four main membership categories: Standard, Lifetime, Business, and Partner. There will be discount codes for New Members, Digital (formerly called Electronic) and Student memberships.

International mailing costs have risen dramatically over recent years, so Canadian and International members who wish to receive a mailed magazine may join at the Standard rate and pay a Postage Add-on Fee, calculated to cover the additional cost of international mailing; otherwise International members will receive their magazine digitally via an email link for no additional cost beyond the Standard membership. Due to rising costs, the two-year membership has been discontinued.

Members can still renew at their current membership and rate before 9/1/23: if your renewal date is after 10/29/23, contact the ARS office and ask for a renewal invoice to be created. Please note it will have to be paid by 9/1/23 to be eligible for the old rates.