2023 ARS Annual Meeting Held Online

The 2023 Annual Members' Meeting was held on Zoom Saturday, October 14, 2023. President Carol Mishler shared updates from the ARS Board meeting of the week before, with financial information, progress from the last year, and key initiatives. 

Key Accomplishments for the Past Year (2022-23)
  1. Awarded scholarships and grants
  2. Continued and expanded online resources to members
  3. Maintained communication channels with our members and chapters
  4. Improved processes involving member sign up and renewal
  5. Made progress on our effort for diversity, equity and inclusion

Key Strategic Initiatives and Plans (2023-24)
  1. Improve member benefits, engagement and retention
  2. Maintain a fundraising program encompassing internal and external donors
  3. Develop a Comprehensive Communication Plan
  4. Make Scholarship and Grant awards to qualified applicants
  5. Continue implementing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives

Finance Update Charts