ARS Names Geoffrey Burgess Incoming AR Managing Editor

The ARS is pleased to announce the appointment of Geoffrey Burgess to succeed Gail Nickless, who is retiring, as editor of American Recorder.
Burgess was selected after a yearlong process that included separation of Nickless’s job into editor and layout functions, posting position announcements in summer 2023, screening 16 Managing Editor applications, interviewing seven candidates, and narrowing down to two finalists. The search task force included Carol Mishler and David Podeschi, respectively current and past ARS President; Jody Miller, ARS Vice President; Board member Virginia Felton; Administrative Director Susan Burns; and Nickless.
Burgess comes to the editor position with significant experience as the oboe editor of The Double Reed, a quarterly journal for players of double reed instruments. Born in Australia, he studied Baroque oboe in The Hague, Netherlands. During his varied career, he found himself increasingly drawn to writing.
Commented Mishler, “Geoffrey has direct experience doing almost exactly what we need for our magazine. Not only can he write, but he has served as editor for a music print publication—sourcing articles, editing the copy, and working with layout specialists. He recognizes that our publication serves a varied audience of recorder players—from beginners to professionals. I am excited to have him join us.”
As Managing Editor, Burgess will solicit, select and edit articles, select AR covers, and work with the Layout Specialist on placement of music and visuals in the magazine layout.

Burgess states, "I'm thrilled to be joining the American Recorder Society as Managing Editor. I want to take the opportunity to applaud Gail Nickless for all her remarkable work as editor of American Recorder and on the Society's newsletter. Gail will edit the Summer issue, and then it will transition to my supervision.
"Some members welcome the magazine as a source of valued information, advice and wisdom; for others it is an outlet where they can share their expertise; for all of us it is a way to connect to a broader community. My goal is to see that all of this will continue. Over the next months I will be learning the ropes from Gail, and I look forward to working with the other members of the editorial team, each of whom bring such valuable contributions. One key member is yet to be appointed. There is an on-going search for a graphic artist and layout specialist. I will be participating in the search, and encourage you to make recommendations, and nudge potential candidates to apply for this position by March 30.
"Alongside my editing, I will not abandon my performing. When you see me on stage or at a festival around the country with an oboe or recorder in hand, please come up and introduce yourself! There are many faces that make up the ARS, and many stories still to be told. I'm particularly interested to learn what you value in American Recorder, and how I can best serve the Society's goals through its publication."

As he mentions above, one of Burgess’s first duties is to work with task force members to select the Layout Specialist or firm, a contract job for which applications are due by March 30. He began in March by shadowing Nickless in the production of her final issue, the Summer AR.
While his main instrument has been oboe, Burgess is well connected in the recorder world. His recorder performances have included playing in the opera orchestra of the Boston (MA) Early Music Festival (BEMF) and in BEMF fringe events, as well as in Washington, D.C., and closer to his Philadelphia (PA) home.
The April 2014 AR included an excerpt from Burgess’s book about recorder maker Friedrich von Huene (1929-2016), Well-Tempered Woodwinds. Recently out of print, this book is available again. Burgess also gave a 2015 BEMF presentation, based on his book and covering the friendship between recorder virtuoso Frans Brüggen (about whom memories appear in the Spring 2024 AR) and von Huene. We look forward to more of his offerings.
‚ÄčPhoto at top: Emily O’Brien