New Piece Commissioned as Gift for ARS

The names Daniel Hay and Chaz Warren may be familiar to those who use our online Music Libraries, as both are contributors. Daniel is a composer, including Blue Ridge Water Music, a Members’ Library Edition. Chaz is also a composer with works in the new music section of the ARS Libraries, and is a frequent performer of play-along tracks. They have been collaborating for a while, with Chaz recording much of Daniel’s music for his YouTube channel. Recently Chaz asked Daniel to create a piece as a gift to ARS. Daniel envisioned music that sounded like a single piece flowing through three choirs -- and his piece Agnus Dei, written for recorder orchestra, has achieved that.

The ARS is so grateful for this beautiful piece. Thank you, Chaz and Daniel!

Agnus Dei can be found in the online ARS Music Libraries, specifically the Recorder Orchestra Library. Listen to a sound sample here; members can download and listen to the piece here.

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