Play the Recorder Month


March 2018 is Play the Recorder Month!

Recorder players from across North America celebrate March as "Play-the-Recorder Month" (PtRM). Many ARS chapters, consorts and recorder orchestras plan special concerts and presentations to illustrate the versatility and beauty of this wonderful instrument.  Play-the-Recorder Month and  Play-the-Recorder Day grew out of a one-day worldwide event on April 1, 1989, during the 50th anniversary year  of the American Recorder Society. Its success caused the ARS to declare an annual celebration starting with Play-the-Recorder Day on March 28, 1992. The single day was later expanded  to monthlong activities plus a focus on one day, which have been observed  each March since then.


This is a great way to bring energy and excitement to your recorder community, and to gain new members.  
Here are some of the activities that were happening in March 2018:
  • ARS chapters, consorts and recorder orchestras planned special concerts and events to illustrate the versatility and beauty of this wonderful instrument.
  • On March 17, 2018, designated as “Play-the-Recorder Day,” recorder players around the world were encouraged to play this year’s composition entitled “Fantasia on a Shape-Note Hymn” by Eric Haas.  This 4-part piece was created especially for this occasion. 
  • Chapters, consorts and recorder orchestras were eligible to win great prizes. Submit a PtRM Contest Entry Form describing your activities.  The contest deadline was April 15, 2018. We are also interested in PtRM reports to see how our members have been commemorating PtRM.
  • “American Recorder Rally,” a new year-long program of half-day concert events, some of which are scheduled in March, has been created by Matthias Maute, renowned performer, educator, and composer. See the article in the news section for more details on event locations, dates, and how to register.
For future use, to help you publicize your events, we have a press release and a Public Service Announcement.  Here is a timeline to help in planning events.

Play-the-Recorder Month Contest

Chapters, consorts and recorder orchestras are eligible to enter the “Play-the-Recorder Month Contest."   Prizes typically include various gift certificates to recorder instrument and music vendors. The deadline for completed entries has passed; it was April 15, 2018.
Entries are based on the following criteria:
  • Number of Events.
  • Where did the events take place?
  • How many Performers were involved?
  • Were Outside Groups or Players involved?
  • Did any event occur on Play-The-Recorder Day, March 17, 2018?
  • Did you perform “Fantasia” as part of your program?
  • Were children involved?
  • Were Beginners/Novices involved?
  • How did you publicize your event?
  • Uniqueness Factor
  • Other information about your event(s) you would like to share. 
Contest Entry Form in Microsoft Word
Contest Entry Form in PDF format

Congratulations to our 2017 Winners! See full coverage of PtRM 2017 in the Fall 2017 ARS Newsletter:
1st Place:   Desert Pipes (Phoenix, AZ)
2nd Place:  Seattle (WA) Recorder Society
3rd Place:   Kalamazoo (MI)