Recorder Orchestras

Recorder Orchestras are the wave of the future.  Inspired by a long history in Europe, recorder orchestras are popping up all over North America.

ARS recently created a third category of affiliated organizations for Recorder Orchestras, in addition to Chapters and Consorts.  The ARS is excited about this developing trend and welcomes the Recorder Orchestra into the ARS family.

ARS is now accepting applications for Recorder Orchestra affiliation!  As an ARS-affiliated Recorder Orchestra, your ensemble will be listed as such on the ARS website and in ARS publications.  In addition, you may identify your Recorder Orchestra as an affiliate of ARS.

Is your group a Recorder Orchestra? See if it meets the criteria by clicking here.

Share your Recorder Orchestra news, and read what other Recorder Orchestras are doing. What has your Recorder Orchestra been up to? Enjoyable pieces? Interesting performances? What do you like most about playing in your RO? What are the biggest challenges and the biggest rewards? Use the link at left to send us your Recorder Orchestra News.
Pictured: Recorder Orchestra of the Midwest, led by Clea Galhano