Sponsor A Members' Library Edition Piece

The Members' Library Editions (MLEs) are one of the many benefits that ARS members have received since 1987 as supplements to the American Recorder  Magazine. In celebration of the ARS is 75 year these were first made available as free digital downloadable (Adobe .pdf ) editions to members, and new additions are added as they are published. This collection of more than 75 compositions offers a wide diversity of styles. These pieces are considered one of the most appreciated benefits by our membership.
See our index of MLEs here.

ARS is seeking an "angel" sponsor, which can be done either by yourself or with a group of friends, for an edition of music. Your gift will allow us to pay composers for their work, cover the cost of printing and mailing, and allow us to print longer pieces.
Will you help the American Recorder Society by being an angel and sponsoring one of our music editions? Your sponsorship will help put new music into the hands of our members. 
Your gift of $1,000 will sponsor an edition of music. Please help us attract terrific composers who will inspire some wonderful recorder playing. You will receive:
  • a chance to make suggestions about the type of music you would like to sponsor,
  • a printed thank-you on the music listing you as the sponsor,
  • a signed copy of the music from the composer,
  • our deepest gratitude.
 To sponsor a piece, please make a donation either online or by check mailed to the address below, with a notation "Members' Library sponsorship" -- or contact the ARS office for more details. 
Donate Now to Become an "MLE Angel"

Members' Library Edition "Angel" Sponsors include the following generous donors:
 Dr. John NelsonMLE 69 “The Huldufolk” by Will Ayton, 2020
 Wendy PowersMLE 70 “Breeze” by Philippe Goudour, 2020
 Nancy Frederick2021 Play-the-Recorder Day piece “Transparent Letters Across the Sky” by Melika Fitzhugh
 Susan RoesselMLE 71 “Meditation” Win Bent, 2021
 Constance PrimusMLE 72 “Owls” by Eulalie Emeriaud, 2021
 Bee NeufeldMLE 73 “Blue Ridge Water Music” by Daniel J. Hay, 2021
Altina WallerMLE 74 "The Plaint" by Will Ayton, 2022
 Connie ConferMLE 75 "Tham-ma-rong" by Sikharin Dit-em (Hai), 2022
 Eiji Miki2022 Play-the-Recorder Day piece "Fanfare: Returning" by Erik Pearson
 Dr. John NelsonMLE 76 "Umulan o Umaraw" by Joshua Jaymar Calayag, 2022
 Patsy Rogers2023 Play-the-Recorder Day piece "Quo Vadis?" by Victor Eijkhout
 Dale NeiburgMLE 77 "Recorder Haiku" by Charlotte Van Ryswyk and poet Marcyn Clements, 2023
 Dale Neiburg and The Hole in the Wall GangMLE 78 "St. Augustine Rag" by William Ruthenberg (1939-2023), 2023
Hillyer Rudisill IIIMLE 79 "Miscellaneous Thoughts on Music" by Erich Katz (1900-1973), 2023