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Extra Material supplementary to American Recorder magazine:

Summer 2019:

Practice Project: 3rd Article in Series of 4
Stick Dance by Bela Bartok

Practice Project Page

Supplements to Robert de Bree's Improvisation article
Technique Tip for Beginners
Indices to American Recorder (Vols. I through XXXX) ?

Spring 2019:

Practice Project - 2nd Article in Series of 4
Practice Project Page

Winter 2018:

Practice Project Page

Practice Project Full Article

Six Ways to Make Recorder Practice Fail

Fall 2018:

Berkeley Festival and Exhibition 2018 Double Coverage

Si Scior Madrigal by Casulana (PDF), entire piece

Senior Thesis on Erich Katz by students at Regis University, home of the Recorder Music Center

Spring 2018:

Anthony Rowland Jones Publications

Winter 2017:

A Mala for Pauline, music by Tom Bickley

Fall 2017:

David Bellugi Extra Coverage

Summer 2016:

Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet Extended Interview

Hear a piece by Ibert played by Karel van Steenhoven on the modern Helder alto recorder

PDF of the music by Ibert

Summer 2015:

Dan Laurin, the "Swedish  Recorder Rock Star," gives a lesson to Glen Shannon

Winter 2014:

Another Way to Play (Adaptive Recorders for players with atypical hands), by Valerie Peters

Memoir for Antony Hopkins

Fall 2014:

Geoffrey Burgess Presentation on Friedrich von Heune, with sound clips (PDF)