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On this page, you can download each ARS Newsletter from 2011 to the most current issue. Recently, the newsletter was converted to a digital format, and the archive is below.

Additionally, we completed another archive project: the scanning and turning into PDF’s all of the American Recorder Society Newsletters 1950-1959. The ARS Newsletter began with Issue No. 1 in January 1950 “after ten years of more or less fitful existence” compiled and edited by Bernard Krainis with 4 pages, then LaNoue Davenport as Editor (1953-1958), leading to the Last Issue No. 38 October 1959 (16 pages) with Martha Bixler as Editor leading to her being appointed as the first Editor of the American Recorder magazine for its inaugural issue in 1960.
Early newsletters included local, chapter (First Chapter of ARS in Boston April 1955), and national news, a little news from the international recorder world, meeting reports, music reviews, concert listings, listings and developments of the early American Recorder Music Editions, which started in November 1950 (then 40 cents for ARS members), book reviews, record reviews, listings of music stores to buy instruments and music, instruments for sale/wanted, and workshop announcements.
Of particular interest was the series of 10 articles written by Anthony Rowland-Jones entitled “Technique” which presumably served as the basis of his three subsequent books on recorder technique. 

Click here to access the archive of these early American Recorder Newsletters (1950 - 1959).

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