American Recorder Editor Gail Nickless to Retire After 30 Years

The longtime editor will step down after the Summer 2024 American Recorder, having by then completed 30 years of exemplary service both as Editor and as the ARS Executive Director.

Gail served as the ARS Executive Director starting in 1994 before becoming Editor in 2002. She is a wealth of knowledge about all things ARS and the recorder world, able to recollect names and stories from her long association with all its affiliated groups, teachers, publishing companies, recorder makers, and players. She was awarded the Presidential Special Honor Award in 2014. Read more about her accomplishments here.

Gail has a rare threefold talent of being able to source articles or write them, editing the text, and use publishing software -- laying them out to stylesheet specifications to create a beautiful end product. Her job has been separated into two positions, Managing Editor and Print Layout Specialist.

Geoffrey Burgess has been hired to replace Gail as Managing Editor. Read the announcement here.