On-line Resources

The world of the internet offers many wonderful sites pertaining to the recorder. In addition to the resources on this website, including our FAQ page and our searchable libraries of downloadable recorder music, you may appreciate the following:

1. Nicholas S. Lander's Recorder Home Page is the most comprehensive web site for articles, catalogs, databases and bibliographies concerning aspects of the recorder worldwide. An ideal springboard for players, students, teachers, makers and researchers alike.

2. Blockis Recorder Fingerings is the best and most complete source for recorder fingerings available including English fingerings, German fingerings, Ganassi fingerings, Renaissance fingerings,Trill fingerings as well fingerings by recorder makers. This includes the fingerings for all sizes of recorders and variations, as well as diatonic scales, chromatic fingerings, multiple alternative fingerings, and trill fingerings, and is available in 16 languages.

3. The Society of Recorder Players promotes the study, practice and appreciation of the recorder in the United Kingdom and beyond.

4. The ARS Facebook Page is a wealth of shared music, comments, and questions, and dialog about the world of recorders.

5. Recorders 'n Enthusiasts - "For those who play the recorder or who care about its music." This Facebook page is an active site for news and recorder playing files and sheet music. 

6. The Recorder Players Facebook group  is a place to discuss, post your performances, share ideas, and learn relating to recorders

7. List of Free Sheet Music on the Internet, compiled by Susan Mason of the Orange County Recorder Society and published here with her permission.

8. There are many resources that to a large degree complement each other: The ARS considers that the optimal way to learn the recorder is from a series of lessons with a qualified teacher. (Note that many teachers will provide online lessons.) Here is a Directory of Teachers available. Here is how to find a teacher that offers lessons online through Zoom, FaceTime, and other platforms. However, other resources can be useful if lessons from a teacher are not possible.

9. Learn Recorder with on-line lessons for beginning/intermediate players. It runs on an iPad, PC or Mac, with scores and audio players for each music sample. Created by ARS member Tony Eyers.  

10. Free recorder course material for teachers (non-commercial use only): http://www.classroomrecorder.com

11. Team Recorder YouTube channel by recorder professional Sarah Jeffery

12. Consort Counsellors YouTube channel by professional recorder players Hester Groenleer and Maria Ayerza, mostly on ensemble playing.

13. "Thoughts on the Recorder," an e-book by recorder professional Geert van Gele, plus videos: http://www.geertvangele.com/

14. MIDI files of Early Music for Recorders and Violas da Gamba, compiled by Tom Gettys. Includes some Gabrieli, Loeillet,  and Telemann sonatas, among many other selections.

15. Beautiful Recorder - "Because the recorder is an instrument too"- this site offers a number of free high quality Mp3 tracks to listen to, become inspired, and to play along with the recorder. http://recorderlove.tumblr.com/

16. Recorder professional and teacher Tali Rubinstein offers online recorder lessons and free teaching materials. https://www.talirecorderlessons.com/

17. The Southern CA Recorder Society offers two helpful pages:

"Play at Home" [https://www.socalrecorders.com/play-at-home
"Music Theory"  [https://www.socalrecorders.com/music-theory


18. “Starring Your Recorder", www.gemsny.org/SYR, is a series of free videos that enable children and other beginners to play the recorder accompanied by a band of Renaissance instruments, exploring the delights of early music. Developed by the Gotham Early Music Scene, these six 12-minute videos feature larger recorders, lute, viola da gamba, and percussion.