Second Level Beginner Recorder Classes

New!  From January through May, 2021 the American Recorder Society is offering approximately 10 "Second Level" classes via Zoom on a variety of topics. Classes are designed for students who are relatively new to recorder, but are familiar with most fingerings on their instrument and can read music.

There is no cost to register for these classes, but they are available to ARS members, only. If you have taken one of our "FREE Online Classes for Beginners," this may be your next step!  Teachers are paid thanks to donations to the Recorder Artist Relief Fund. 

These classes are limited in size to allow for interaction between the teacher and students. ARS members are asked to please sign up for no more than two of these classes, in order to allow a larger number of people to take advantage of these opportunities. Classes may be recorded and made available at a future date.

Some classes offer instruction on soprano (or tenor) recorders, and others on alto recorder.  Check the class description to see which recorder you will need and whether you will need to purchase a method book or whether materials will be provided by the teacher.  If the teacher is supplying instructional materials you'll receive a download link for these materials a few days before class. Each class is about 45 minutes in length, including a period for questions and answers.

Teachers will typically offer suggestions for materials you can use for further study on your own, or you may choose to arrange for individual lessons with your teacher, or any of our many teaching professionals who offer online instruction.

Check back -- More classes coming soon!

Second Level Beginners' Class with Larry Lipnik: A Renaissance Consort Primer (any recorder)
5/11/21 - 5/20/21
Second Level Beginners' Class with Greta Haug-Hryciw:  Focus on Expressivity (soprano/tenor recorder)
5/8/21 - 5/29/21
Second Level Beginners' Class with Tish Berlin:  Learning Bass Recorder
3/31/21 - 4/21/21
Second Level Beginners' Class with Miyo Aoki: Continuing Technique (alto recorder)
3/23/21 - 4/13/21
Second Level Beginners' Class with Sarah Cantor:  Playing Duets on Alto Recorder
3/15/21 - 3/25/21
Second Level Beginners' Class with Lisette Kielson:  Continuing Technique (soprano/tenor recorder)
2/27/21 - 3/20/21
Second Level Beginners' Class with Jody Miller: Helping Soprano Players Transition to Alto
2/9/21 - 2/18/21
Second Level Beginners' Class with Anne Timberlake: Build Your Tone (alto recorder)
2/2/21 - 2/23/21
Second Level Beginners' Class with Daphna Mor: Approaching Folk Music on Recorder (soprano/tenor recorder)
2/1/21 - 2/11/21
Second Level Beginners' Class with Jennifer Carpenter: Approaching the Baroque (alto recorder)
1/24/21 - 2/3/21